Found scammers? Contact us!

There are always and everywhere fraudsters, they strive to infiltrate where they can do their dishonest deeds, but we are always on the alert and we know how to deal with them.

If you suspect any of the users when communicating with him in fraud, then immediately inform us of this without delay. We will take all appropriate measures and carry out the necessary verification of this user and his data. If you inform us on time, then many other users can be safe in advance from such unscrupulous users.

Of course, our system is very high-quality in detecting scammers, but they find new ways to disguise and in this case we ask for your help. So that we can always know in what way they bypass those moments that could immediately bring them to clean water. All users want to be in a pleasant atmosphere and feel safe and be sure of the confidentiality and safety of their data.

But we also ask you to be careful when communicating with suspicious individuals, as you can provoke them with harsh answers and comments to them. It’s better to calmly answer them and immediately tell us that this function will be delegated to us and our specialists, while you can enjoy chatting with another person or search for another person and view new profiles that are just registered.

After our answer to you, if you made a mistake and this person is not a scammer, then you can safely continue communication with him, your meetings, if you have already seen each other. Don’t worry anymore that this person is an unscrupulous user of our dating service.

Of course, excessive caution did not stop anyone else. A person will not be told that he was suspected of something, this will all be done in confidence. Your interlocutor will not even be aware that someone suspected him of something. Our specialists are experienced and do the data verification professionally and carefully, without hitting the person’s dignity and without violating his subordination and personal space. Be calm and trust us and our bride agency!